Terms and conditions

1. After completing the form on the site / placing your order, you will receive an email / confirmation phone from us. After confirming the exact date / time, the parking space will be reserved for you. Please allocate at the time of booking and 15 additional minutes required for parking / transport by our minibus.

2. Park4fly provides video surveillance and surveillance throughout the entire car park as well as its integrity. It is not responsible for the natural external factors: hail, earthquakes, floods that can not be avoided.

3. The car park is fully paid for parking. The customer undertakes that, if for various reasons he does not raise the car at the date and time set, he will pay the number of additional days not initially paid.

4. Price calculation varies Depending on several factors, including, but not limited to, the date of the reservation, the time of parking the car, the date of delivery / date of the vehicle being lifted.

5. Any circumstances that lead to damage to the program of the employees of the fleet, due to additional waiting times resulting from data entry errors, customer delay upon arrival and not only can had a tax Administration that must be paid when lifting the car.

6. Park4fly advise clients to Make sure that They arrive at the parking lot in good time before leaving in  the planned trip.

7. If, in your Park4fly, you damage another car, you are legally obliged to notify the Park4fly representative, to show the documents and to insure the car and to provide the necessary documentation to compensate the owner of the damaged car. Otherwise, Park4fly will make available to the police all your data, and the situation will be solved by legal means